China’s policy of prescription drugs online sales is finalized for 200+ products

“Supervision and Control Rules for Food and Drug Management on the Internet” (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) medicine electricity traders eagerly awaited has been officially finalized. The Rules is expected to be announced shortly. Policy of prescription drugs online sales will soon be settled. The first batch of more than 200 products may be included. The e-commerce development of pharmaceutical industry will spurt.

Attracted by the prescription drug market size of over 800 billion, traditional chief e-commerce enterprise including Ali, Jingdong and Yihaodian, etc. and pharmaceutical distribution companies including Jointown and Yixintang have made the first move in the pharmaceutical industry.

China’s pharmaceutical industry in e-commerce has been growing slowly for a long time. Its market size is less than 1% of the drug retail market. The fundamental reason is that prescription drug market (70% -80% of the overall share of the domestic pharmaceutical sales) has been controlled by the hospital.

Allowing prescription drugs to sell online will change the game. The core policy barriers which restrict the development of pharmaceutical industry in e-commerce will be broken. The development of pharmaceutical industry on China’s Internet is going to spurt soon.

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