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China Drug Consulting (CDC) is a leading service provider in China for the pharmaceutical registration services. CFDA On-site Inspection Consulting service is one of our customized registration services contributing to the firm’s business success.

CFDA On-site Inspection Guide is the complete process guide we provided for CFDA oversea inspection. Although the Guide is thorough for most of our customers, sometimes you may still need some consulting services on a case-by-case basis.

CFDA On-site Inspection Consulting service is provided exactly for this need. Service can be conducted either remotely (via email, phone calls, etc.), or even by sending one of our professional consultants to your site to answer your questions directly.

What You Will Get

Our CFDA On-site Inspection Consulting service includes:

  • Providing consulting service regarding China’s new GMP certification and CFDA on-site audit to overseas companies, including helping the client on the correction and improvement of both the facility as well as the quality system following the submitted application documentation, China’s new GMP regulation, other requirements and guidelines;
  • Helping the client to perform comprehensive preparation for CFDA’s on-site inspection until passing the inspection eventually.

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